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domestic steam carry

September, domestic steam carry is greeted because of national new bid again rise in price agitation, although for raw to annatto material, go up on average to every tons carriage cost not thin synthetic wood plastic sheets apparent, but the series trouble that brings from this also is estimated hard however, annatto carries cost to raise already final issue.

Additional, because produce lumber state to export control raise the quota, raw material cost also is faced with annatto to rise, this shows scanty annatto to embellish of former capital particle board manufacturing using wpc material and profit is another major challenge more for the businessman.

3 big hill do not move, does He Yan flourish? From lumber kingdom the reporter investigates a circumstance to look, after be being adjusted through long-term market, market personage also 48 inch wood slats for bench repair appears a lot of more rational, this from now on annulus prices taking heat can see apparently.

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