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equipment to throw

Increase equipment to throw synergism of implementation increase production, it is the company often grabs indefatigable fundamental job. In nearly two years equipment throws a outdoor heaters on trex decking foundation to go up, 2017, the company still purchases investment many yuan 400, replace facility, use existing workshop space effectively, make produce equipment moves and use efficiency taller. Come so, the company always is produced can will by 110 thousand pieces of present / the month raises 170 thousand pieces / month.

In addition, according to environmental ground level deck anticorrosive for landscape garden protection requirement, the company will add a raw material newly organic boiler, although product cost raises 2 yuan / piece, but boiler labour can reduce 2 by 5. Biology pledges organic boiler photograph compares common boiler, having efficient and high grade, combustion the function characteristic with sufficient, staircase pedal flooring deals sharp stir up trouble.

The wood fell trees with Burmese future is measured, come to the tree that becomes a useful person with each calculate for the unit. According to Burmese resource and information of environment protection department, to protect resource of Burmese forest wood but durative development, waterproof material  Orebro Province after wood fell trees produces time-out 1 year, next year will still reduce fell trees yield, will the measure that fell trees establishs the left and right sides 610 thousand times.

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