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issue of inductrial

Be aimed at the issue of inductrial injury cost of severe gentleman elder brother, easy lady expresses, the other side such as need finished to disable level appraisal, the medical does pvc pipe leach chemicals expenses that the processing since another owes reachs the issue such as compensatory expenses. The family that gives them to defaulting employee wages causes a worry, easy lady expresses regret repeatedly in the phone.

She says: "The company is not the wage issue of ignored employee, domestic home should raise the home to paper a mouth, just big environment is at present harsh, we also can endeavor composite decking linear foot inside capacity limits only, solve as soon as possible. " at the same time, easy lady appeals employee people rational processing problem, do not take ultra kind, affect company shipment, create vicious circle.

Current, 2 people of severe gentleman wpc decking in turkey brother already defaulted salary reach the problem such as inductrial injury charge to hand over peaceful and prefectural labor bureau and peaceful and processing of prefectural people court. The reporter sought advice from peaceful and prefectural people court, the pay that the staff member expresses severe gentleman defaults problem general on wood solar reflectance index November 6 in the morning 9 when in Guan Chaozhen Sha Cun court is sessional. Jiangxi is harmony lady of easy of delegate of limited company legal person also represents wooden industry, the hope solves this problem through legal approach. The concerned progress of incident, our newspaper will pay close attention to continuously.

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