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The enterprise of place closing thunder calls Dongguan mayor company of grand timber estate, sell all sorts of timber technically. Guan Lei tells a reporter, forestry of the boat in wall plastic composite malaysia supply growing grand timber industry and center look forward to cooperates, forestry of the boat in introducing directly machines good lumber to be sold to Dongguan, boat forestry has a project that invests about 1 billion dollar in Russia in, the Russia birch plank that grew grand timber industry to also win this project sells right.

Because the plank quality of Russia is good, the price is appropriate, the furniture factory that suits Dongguan very much is used. And what as another name for Guangdong Province class of cost of 8 foot by 48 foot deck full Russia freight lists is enlightened, carry convenient also. He thinks direct investment builds processing factory of a lumber in Russia, accelerate manufacturing rate.

This year after the Spring Festival, guan Lei heads for Russia to begin his plan, after the course makes an on-the-spot investigation, decide and buy the lumber processing factory of new product from wood ground of one family belongs. After many the negotiation, industry of You Changhong timber invests 2.1 million dollar finally, russia just invests 900 thousand dollar. After the factory is bought, more the name is Tuomusike southern lumber company.

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