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the floor is relatively easy to pavement

so you can not glue. Locking the floor is relatively easy to pavement, disassembly is also easy, can be reused after removal. Question 3: wear is durable? 1. Strengthen the floor why wear on the surface of the laminate flooring, there is a layer of transparent wear-resistant paper, the composition is Al2O3 (commonly known as corundum),
it makes the strengthening of wood flooring surface wear stronger than the general paint Wooden floor 10 times to 30 times. 2. What is the number of wear-resistant wear-resistant speed is a measure of wear resistance, the national standard for families with more than 6000 rpm, public places (commercial) in 9000 or more.
3. The number of wear-resistant is not the higher the better the number of wear-resistant roller, depending on the strengthening of wood flooring wear layer of aluminum oxide content, if the high content of aluminum oxide, The value is high. Because Al2O3 is a mineral, the content is too high, especially greater than 75 grams / square meter after the lack of toughness,
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