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floor of the production

Waterproof floor: Mainly solid 2 tone composite decks , Due to the application of micro-and nano-silicon micro-powder of synthetic polymeric material, and the hydrophilicity of wood to be cut from the inside, so that moisture content of average price per linear foot deck maintain a stable state of hibernation.
Mr. Zhang Jiagang laying wooden floor near the emergence of the phenomenon of colour, require manufacturers to exchange.Manufacturers think that this is a normal phenomenon forever wood decking in usa , because there is no quality specifications can be based, and relevant parties are also unable to receive complaints, Mr. Zhang have bad luck.
Fortunately, the future such a situation will not happen again.China recently issued Department of specifications for flooring, On the request of the laying of the floor, Acceptance and guarantee are made specific provisions no expansion for composite decking sale , consumer acceptance and enjoyment of which the warranty, businesses, law enforcement can also be based on to deal with disputes, complaints.

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