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<p>Beijing, China, May 11, 2006 - Global Private Equity Inc. Carlyle Group today announced plans to invest US $ 27.5 million (or RMB 230 million) in China's largest manufacturer of solid wood flooring - Shanghai Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. The At the same time, Anxin to take this opportunity to launch the Russian material,<a href="">low maintenance WPC pergola</a> Southeast Asia and African wood-based new brand Weiguang floor, large-scale into the solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring market. Weiguang floor to the founder of the letter - Lu Weiguang's name. interlocking wood patio flooring at wholesale priceAnxin floor in the selection of materials to high-grade Brazilian-based, and Weiguang brand to the Russian-based, two brands will have a separate distribution channels.</p>
<p> We have a lot of potential partners in the Carlyle, first of all because of his good reputation in the capital market, and its strong strength. tongue and groove pvc fence for sale cape townCooperation with Carlyle not only strengthened the security of the letter, said Mr. Lu Weiguang, founder and CEO of Anxin. Of the capital operation capacity, while enhancing the security control of the timber resources industry chain capacity, but also to expand overseas sales channels,<a href="">fencing cost estimator</a> improve the company's management and innovation has played a positive role. </p>
<p>Carlyle Managing Director and Asian growth fund investment director Zuwen Carnegie is proud to be investing in a company that supports environmental protection,how to cover a ugly concrete patio and is a leading company in the country's solid wood flooring, the only vertically integrated company in the industry, so that even if the supply of raw materials fluctuates, Still maintain a high margin of profit and strong growth. Anxin forward-looking into Russia, in the vicinity of China's border to build a solid wood processing plant,<a href="">pre engineered floor joists prices</a> not only to strengthen its production capacity and scattered by the global logging restrictions brought about by the increase Supply risk.</p>

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