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warranty and preferential methods

send room humidifier, to thank the user over the years of support.1, do not want to buy an excuse for 2, undecided 3, temporarily do not want to buy "after the buy" customer strategy: 1, do not want to buy "customers to buy" , To provide choice 2, made recommendations 3, weaken the shortcomings 4, the last chance 5, incentives to stimulate the second,
how to deal with broken casserole in the end to break the customer to break the casserole in the end of the psychological characteristics of customers: 1, do not know 2, Everything is clear 3, the other overwhelming response to break the casserole in the end to ask the customer's strategy: curiosity, with the general quality of scholars,
the characteristics of what is clear, understanding of product quality, emphasis on delivery methods and warranty and preferential methods, You have to be especially careful. Third, how to deal with critical customers 1, the law 2, the negative law 3, the delay law 4, the turning point 5, the first law 6, transfer law four,
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