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industry of timber

Garden of industry of industry of timber of Xi Chan zoology is gentle make new economy the industrial engine of growth pole, current, 2000 mus of projects use garden area the ground already was collected entirely, pass " three-dimensional action business " introduce group of He iron handrail trade in china Zhanglong of group of Fujian beautiful Xin to develop garden of industry of industry of construction zoology timber jointly, always invest 3 billion yuan, predict year can achieve production value 5 billion yuan.

In light of circumstance of combinative above sailing date, the exit of Canadian material measures tall all the time house not to fall, because add money exchange U.S.anti uv wood plastic decking Pakistan  dollor to devalue, created exchange rate profit, make the sale enthusiasm of the supplier increases. Canada exports big country to tell as lumber, its export lumber not to have log only only, still have SPF, both between can change.

Outside adding capable person at present dish the price is in 800~840 U.S. dollor / 1000 board feet, add the exchange rate that rises ceaselessly to look,External decorative plates in Stockton  domestic price hangs be affirmation. At present ability of home market structure lasts fatigued and weak, those who caused trafficker purchase enthusiasm to be reduced badly, sequel creates greater sale pressure to supplying chamber of commerce.

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