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spokesperson of anxin flooring

"Every year there are companies to look for opportunities to Brazil 2x4 composite lumber boat decks , a year without a successful return." Lu Weiguang said said. For Chinese companies in foreign countries has been affected by the phenomenon of resistance, Lu Weiguang believe that fundamental reason is that these enterprises "lack of respect" for destination cheap lumber boards discount , violated international trade rules of the game.
Should be a win-win "trade, transnational operation in early would rather eat a small loss, and also can't smashed his own credit because of the short-term interests. Ann credit for eight years water proof brands composite deck , to get the trust of the Brazilian." The essence group has set up two wood processing plants in Brazil, every month 8000 cubic metres of wood imported from Brazil, this number accounts for more than 50% of Brazil's exports to China timber volume.
Recently, Lu Weiguang even with the support of the government, invited to the Indian tribal sheikhs guarding mountain "a second", to come to Shanghai as the image spokesperson of anxin alternative to wood for pontoon walkway floor . "Cultural differences and regulations are often encountered in international trade, Chinese companies in the process of going abroad often produce conflict because of the misunderstanding and don't know.

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