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price of branch

Price of annatto of in former years rises every year commonly 30% to 50% , the price of branch of bright red this year acid has turned over times. The little material of branch of current and bright red acid, second makings every tons of price 50 thousand reach 70 thousand yuan, expect in different composite wood for decking ideas every tons of price 80 thousand reach 150 thousand yuan, caliber 20 centimeters good stuff every tons of price is in 200 thousand reach 300 thousand yuan,

what requirements comes 30 centimeters in 20 centimeters is classy good stuff every tons of price is in 400 thousand to 600 thousand yuan between, still some of board makings presses his clement theory piece sell, amount to comes down every tons of million yuan. Resource is in an wpc garden edging perth emergency, red acerbity branch is become " mad wood " , drive other annatto to rise in price, annatto furniture also when the river rises the boat goes up too.

New pact is pushed go up old annattoThis year June, new " be in severe danger convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant "  become effective,brick garden fences  it is fuse of bullish of price of branch of this home bright red acid. In new pact, chinese annatto industry uses material in, have again hand in foot yellow wingceltis, central america yellow wingceltis, small sunken yellow wingceltis,

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