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brace up the customer

Inferior brace up the customer service personnel of furniture tells a reporter, when can buy goods through electronic store at present, have not receive an announcement. On October 22, be in Beijing inferior brace up furniture north unexpectedly inn, the salesperson expresses, white vinyl privacy fencing they have not hear the information that wants platform of the business that build cable about the company.

"If the company decided, most inform first should be a salesperson. The salesperson is osculatory client's directest person, the company needs a sale to Patio Plastic Wood Design make promotion. " this salesperson thinks, future of even if company does electric business, also want to avoid the problem with the abhorrent price below the line on the line.

Look in Yuan Yi, inferior brace up the help that furniture does electric business platform to grow to profit won't be too great, but can help industry movement. cost for patio tile "I feel furniture company does electric business also is phasic place approach, because everybody is doing electric business, enterprise to cooperate the market, also want to do.

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