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How to maintain of wooden floor

The floor is met likely after the shop is stuck be affected with damp be affected with damp, lower the life of wooden floor, so is the daily cleanness of wooden floor safeguarded how should undertake after all? Need to master only actually below simple skill owner is OK oneself are done decided.

One, wooden floor is moistureproof skill

The key with moistureproof good performance is in wooden floor to install link at the shop, deck board bench plans had made moistureproof step when the shop is installed only, ability is in in the future use process get twice the result with half the effort. Wooden floor is about to had done moistureproof work when shop outfit.

1, before wooden floor shop is installed, had better fill up a moistureproof cloth first,vacation house plans with rooftop deck plus a moistureproof mat, undertake floor shop is installed again next. Pass two moistureproof processing, can cut off the damp of the ground and floor well come.

2, because heat bilges cold the reason that shrink, when the summer comes, wooden floor meets those who have different rate extend bilge.

3, when if be in,age decorates the floor that spread wood, must install a worker to stay please enough adjustable seam, size is 1~1.2 commonly centimeter. Such is in when summertime advent, back yard decks waterproof composite woods floor because do not have a space,just won't expand and cock; The 3rd, when wooden floor shop is installed, the choice of the line that play a base also has particular demand, ply had better be in 1.5 centimeters. Such ability assure to bilge in heat cold when shrinking, stay to the floor have enough adjustable seam. In addition, if floor shop is installed.

2, the shop of wooden floor is stuck

1, put a line, the line is played with carpenter's ink marker on preexistence ground, regard a shop as the datum line that stick.

2, metage matchs glue.

3, gelatinize, use adhesive comb equably besmear blows form besmear drawknife to go up in cement tool reference plane.

4, the shop sticks a floor, when besmear hand of the surface that brush a layer is touched when be not being stuck, can hand in plastic floor to affix, this is particularly important to solvent balata adhesive.simple privacy gate plans Normally the room temperature when construction should be in 10 ~ 35 ℃ are advisable, time of exposed to the open air needs 15 seconds of 5 ~ to control about.

5, clean, the shop is stuck after ending, answer to clear in time polyvinyl chloride is plastic the surface of the floor, to solvent adhesive the gauze that use cotton obliterates.

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