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of coal Direct liquefaction technology

organic chemicals, Fine chemical integration of deep processing industry chain, the product refined rate of more than 30%. Heilongjiang energy industry to extend the industrial chain to implement the "four into a development" strategy, enhance the development potential. In the coal-to-electric conversion, the construction and expansion of coal production capacity of 20 million tons,Diy Corner Wood Flower Pot
the construction of 6 total size of 3.5 million kilowatts of power (thermal) project; in the coal-coke conversion, to speed up coal coking, coal chemical industry and its extension industry Development and construction, coal conversion rate increased by 3 percentage points; in the coal-gas conversion, the positive development of gas and coalbed methane and other downstream industries,cover a concrete pouch with wood
to speed up the transformation of existing gas plants; in the coal-oil conversion, the positive introduction of coal Direct liquefaction technology, to speed up the "coal on behalf of the oil" project preliminary work. In the food industry, the leading enterprises continue to increase the strength of deep processing of products continue to improve,house plan with rooftop decking

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