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craft of carpentry

To the craft of carpentry, jin Weihong pursuit is excelsior; On business field, his requirement is hardheaded.
Jin Weihong's company does not have a clerk, the client is basic it is these year those who accumulate. The company also does not participate in the price war of environmental protection wpc compound producers any forms, his product can get a friend approbate, the most primary reason is not low-cost, however quality public praise is good, good.

"I am a honester person, serious ground serves each client. We do the home to fit a project, the client is impossible to often be decorated, but if their friend is decorated, those clients also can recommend me. Because of my home decorate character to be worth them to trust. "anti-microbial deck recruit agent  there is openness between Jin Weihong's speech.

Jin Weihong has a quiet heart, be in all the time the hardheaded rhythm according to oneself, enlarging enterprise dimensions. Although oneself company just decking composite vs wood held water 3 years, but the business is very good all the time, still bear hired two retail sales. "Next year preparative invite applications for a job acts as agent, the benefit after two years returns right word, buy a factory building with respect to him preparation! The charge that leases factory building price plastic lumber floors after all also is pretty is tall. " Jin Weihong tells a reporter.

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