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the market regulation point of view

did not carry out a substantial publicity. However, the head of the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Association has different views, which believe that due to the limitations of production capacity, strengthen the floor manufacturers surge and paper industry and other industries to improve the demand for similar substrates,furniture made of decking
resulting in the substrate prices. And a period of time caused by the shortage of substrate panic and part of the practice of hoarding stock has led to further rise in prices. However, with the increase in substrate production profits, the production of high-fiber plate will increase the amount of investment,cheap porch railing ideas
from the market regulation point of view, the price of high-fiber substrate is bound to fall. If the floor industry will be a big reshuffle, the main reason should not be the substrate price. He believes that at least annual production capacity of more than 400,000 square meters of basic enterprises have to suffer "winter" resistance.Manufature of Wood Plastic Composite Panel

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