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floor of 9000 turn

Warm, heat preservation performance is good non slip laminate no slip flooring , it can prevent heat dissipation, maintain a constant temperature. A lot of material can delamination crack due to heat from the cold? Ameren's technical staff said, they adopted the world patent technology honeycomb pvc lumber wall panel , is to ensure that achieve the above functions and solve the cork,
the unity of the overall problem between solid wood and wafer. The country man-made board testing center testing, montblanc wei kang soft surface abrasion resistance of real wood floor of 9000 turn plans for building a wooden decking , strong degree can reach 20 years is used in commercial space, its formaldehyde release a quantity to only 0.1 mg/L, 15 times lower than the national standard.
Jilin forest industry co., LTD is JiLinSen exclusive (group) corporation, of a joint stock limited company established in society to raise way. Founded in September 1998 and listed on the Shanghai stock exchange composite board wood fence . Stock code 600189 and stock name: jilin. Jilin co., LTD is based on the forest cultivation and forest tree cutting,

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