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TISCO to expand the impact of stainless steel hot-rolled export market in Taiwan

TISCO to expand the impact of stainless steel hot-rolled export market in TaiwanAccording to Taiwan's feedback, mainland China's major stainless steel plant TISCO under the new capacity pressure, continued to expand exports, the recent hot-rolled exports also increased significantly, especially in Taiwan sales, Taiwan industry also found an increase in the situation. TISCO on the Taiwan hot rolling increase is mainly to fill the Taiwan steel mills to reduce production costs, expand the procurement of imported materials.Stainless steel plate pricesTraders pointed out that the current Asian 300 series of stainless steel prices around CFR 1700-1800 US dollars / ton, NO.1 in 1600 US dollars / ton up and down. In terms of steel mills, the cost of raw materials for production is difficult to reflect the processing costs of existing products.Stainless Steel Sheet Price In ChinaTaiwan steel mills, for example, not only cold-rolled exports in China and South Korea under the pressure of competitive advantage weakened, domestic demand is not strong, the market was deserted, prices continued to fall. In order to reduce production costs, and increase market sales, steel procurement materials in mainland China has long been the market "can not speak, but it is open secret."201 stainless steel checkered plate sheetIn Taiwan there is still demand, coupled with the mainland cold rolling by Taiwan's anti-dumping sanctions, the previous main sales of cold-rolled mainland steel mills to hot rolling to attack the market. To Steel, for example, the industry found that the recent increase in procurement situation, it is estimated that there should be 1-2 into the growth. But the demand is not strong in Taiwan, the industry believes that the procurement of TISCO hot rolling production is not necessarily profitable, but in the processing of exports have a better performance.Stainless steel coils price

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