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strengthen the supervision of industrial

the provincial land and resources management departments can be based on the local land acquisition compensation costs to improve the actual, to further improve the local industrial land to sell the lowest standards; can also be based on local industry development policy, In this "standard" under the premise of the development and publication of different industries,
different regions of the lowest standard for the sale of industrial land, the timely newspaper for the record. Six, the "standard" after the implementation of the implementation of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to be based on the "standard" to carry out the benchmark land price update work, timely adjustment of industrial land base land price.
Seven, local land and resources management departments to strengthen the supervision of industrial land transfer management. Lower than the lowest standard to sell industrial land, or in various forms to give subsidies or return, is illegal low-cost transfer of state-owned land use rights, according to the law should be held accountable legal responsibility.
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