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departments to prohibit the production

solid wood flooring in accordance with the 5% tax rate of consumption tax. Comments: 5% of the consumption tax will increase the purchase cost of wood flooring, but the descendants of future generations, but power in the future. 3 10 kinds of building materials are prohibited ban for environmental protection and other factors to consider,
July 1, the relevant departments to prohibit the production and use, including low-grade architectural coatings, including six categories of ten kinds of building materials. The ten kinds of building materials involved include tar-type waterproof material, paper linoleum, PVC plastic ointment, polyvinyl chloride cement,
viscose and paint containing polyvinyl formal, and sanitary ware water tank fittings with water inlet below water level Flush in the 9 liters above the toilet, water seal less than 5 cm of the floor drain, real steel window, spiral lift cast iron nozzle and so on. Comments: These building materials have long been banned for the ban.
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