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fast detect the lab

establish is fast detect the lab, bark that break wood piles up area, suffocating handles the installation such as field, examine all-aroundly to import lumber to offer quarantine safeguard. Current, high already level builds commercial and transportation center first phase dock Free Above Ground Pools Deck Plans 2, 2 period dock berth of 4 10 thousand tons of class, dock examines openly superintendency infrastructure has finished quarantine,

already passed city class and provincial and open assessment to check and accept, project of division of processing of entrance lumber quarantine already completed earlier stage " Jiangsu is new civilian feasibility of project of handling center of quarantine of lumber of continent harbor outdoor floor mat entrance considers to report " preliminary examine and verify reports province bureau, created new civilian continent dock builds " Zhenjiang speed " .

The ground is new civilian of continent harbor actual, zhenjiang discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau form a complete set implements two systems: bench slat size It is trends management system, execute to receiving condition timber namely " one boat signs up for " , accomplish a risk to be able to accuse, superintend effective;

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