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Walker's grounds of appeal are frivolous and without merit, and that it's not in the public buy rs 3 gold interest to release him following his conviction for such a serious crime," he said outside of court.As Hayward's mother and stepfather listened in the courtroom, Gerein had argued that if evidence at trial showed that Walker "snapped," there is a possibility   however unlikely   it could happen again. He also argued the relevant portions of Hayward's record were entered at trial   those convictions that represented his history of dealing drugs.Smith returned a decision on the bail application late Wednesday afternoon, agreeing with the Crown that releasing Walker would be against the public interest, even though she does not believe he would pose a danger to the public."In light of all of the circumstances of the crime for which Mr. Walker was convicted, and the nature of the appeal which has been brought, his release pending appeal would undermine the public confidence in the administration of justice," Smith wrote in her decision, adding that the appeal could be heard as early as June.Outside of court Hayward's mother Lorrie Getty struggled through tears to deliver a statement to media."When Kim Walker murdered my son, he made me   he made my family   victims for the rest of our lives," she said, visibly distraught.
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  It stopped alongside our car and the young driver put down his window to mouth off at me. Within 300 yards, he himself turned into a left lane for a car park only to find that a stationary car was blocking the way so he had to pull out again in front of me. I backed off to give him space.
Who's on the guest list for tomorrow's state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao? The White House is keeping a tight lid on all details of the black tie party, but a few names have leaked out. The biggest surprise? Speaker John Boehner has declined   once again   to attend a state dinner. Boehner said no thanks to the president's invitation for his previous two state dinners, too.
Is that simple. There is no button on the centre console, and no tachometer amid the gauge cluster (counting revolutions per minute is so mechanical). In the tach stead sits a Power Reserve gauge. That's all they're interested in. They're not interested in taking it any deeper than that.And frankly, the comparison also of Robertson and Falwell with Al Sharpton's completely outrageous. I mean, Al Sharpton has incited mob riots.
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