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This one is a little trickier and requires some drawing skills! Again, search the remnant bins for some fabric to make your bone soft toy, but make sure that it's durable, because most dogs like to have a good Amazon Profit Sniper chew, and it would be terrible to have your Christmas present destroyed before Christmas Day is over. You'll also need some filling material. You can either use scraps of leftover fabric, or buy special filling material from your local fabric or craft shop. Now just fold your fabric in two with right side together, and draw a bone shape (don't worry - the dog won't mind if it's not perfect)! Keep in mind when you are drawing the bone that you need to make it big enough to have a seam sewn all around. Cut out your bone shape and sew around almost the entire outside, but leave a gap of around 2" to allow you to fill the toy.
Here's another easy one. Just buy a length of rope (the thickness should be suitable for your dog - the bigger the dog, the thicker the rope). Now cut into three equal lengths. Tie a sturdy knot near one end, and then plait the 3 strands of rope and tie off with another sturdy knot at the other end.

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