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solid wood flooring consumers tend to

solid wood flooring Can absorb the water in the air; when the air temperature is low, the solid wood flooring will release the water, so that the room air becomes moist. And solid wood flooring both natural texture, beautiful color, it has its own natural elasticity and can protect the people who walk on the joints,
which is particularly valuable for the elderly and children. In addition, we all know, solid wood flooring also has sound-absorbing, noise, noise reduction performance. Fifth, solid wood flooring and decorative design industry will work closer together With the differentiation of consumer groups, solid wood flooring consumers tend to middle and high-end customers,
and most of the high-end customers will choose to cooperate with the decoration company, you can Said solid wood flooring business customers are a large part of the decoration company, based on the same customer service, solid wood flooring business will undoubtedly pay more attention to cooperation with the decorative design industry to promote the win-win situation.
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