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held a grand. She would once again prove to the world plastic composite patio furniture fence , and its important position in Asia and the world. , according to data from the organizer of the exhibition to area increased by 30% with a total area of 46000 square meters price of install stockade fence . Exhibitors almost covers all of China's floor covering,
contains the entire industrial chain. There are over 500 exhibitors from more than 25 countries will be there with the cutting edge and the most successful products to Shanghai. Superman gas audience this exhibition bench dining table Iran , the organizer introduced advanced international exhibition service concept,
using the Internet to the exhibition, exhibitors, the audience are closely linked. Make the host can be more effective and convenient to all customers to provide better services outdoor handrail for installation steps . In the exhibition, we will have a not clear white audiences around the world and buyers to participate in our current exhibition,

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