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Eating Healthy to Lose Weight All Week!

Once fit, cardio is helpful in providing you with more strength and making you feel good about yourself. For instance, abs crunches, sit-ups and cardios are energy exercises and are not likely to eliminate that belly fat in a hurry. Cardio contributes about 20% to your general weight loss regime but is unlikely by itself to give you the desired figure you desire.Contrary to what many people actually believe, turning a real fruit into fruit juice is not quite the same! Fruit juice, though tasty and refreshing, is not as healthy as the whole fruit. When a whole fruit is pressed or squeezed to make juice, some of the nutrients, most notably fiber and the water-soluble vitamins, are lost in the process.
The 3 Week Diet
Taking orange as an example, orange juice makes a good example of the health difference when you focus on the issue of its pulp. The white pulpy part of the orange is the primary source of its  are colorful pigments that support numerous metabolic processes in the body. The juicy sections of the orange contain most of its vitamin C. In the body, both  and vitamin C work together and support health through their interaction. As the pulpy white part of the orange is removed during the processing of orange juice, the  in the orange are lost in the process. This loss of is one of the reasons for eating the orange in its whole food form is better, even if you only end up eating a little bit of the white pulpy part.

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