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Ayurvedic Healing Methods

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Going down we have the mouth and this is where the old bare-knuckle boxers learned a big lesson. Pure Natural Healing  NEVER punch someone in the mouth with a bare fist! You can break their teeth and when a tooth breaks it becomes very sharp. Many bare-knuckle boxers have had those sharp broken teeth severe the nerves in their hands and end their careers. In addition, now days you have to worry about swapping body fluids. Those who punch people in the mouth often have to go to the hospital with a "fight bite". If you want to see some nasty pictures do a image search for "fight bite" and see some of the infected hands.

The chin is a great target but not very good for the fist. Again, it is a hard bone so there is potential damage for your fist. Additionally, if you miss you will probably hit their teeth, which we know isn't good, or their throat which is only good if your intention is to kill them.

Looking at the side of the head we find the temple. The temple is a great target, just not for the fist. The temple is good for three reasons, 1.) While the skull is mostly contoured (allowing your hand to skim off during follow-through and in do so dissipate a lot of the force) the temple is a fairly flat surface. This means when you hit the temple more of your force goes straight into the brain and surrounding nerves and arteries. 2.) If you place your finger on your temple you can feel your pulse. That is your "temporal artery" and striking this artery can result in unconsciousness or death (if the artery becomes pinched shut). 3.) In your head you have a "horseshoe of nerves" that exit the brain at each temple and runs down behind the jaw. Striking these nerves can result in them sending an electrical response to the brain that will overload your body's electrical system and cause you to pass out. Again, the temple is a great target, just not for the fist.

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