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Secrets To Hair Loss Treatment For Women

The next step will be to change the way you treat your hair. After washing your hair you have to make sure that you dry your hair by wrapping it in a towel and not by rubbing it with a towel, Regrow Hair Protocol as this can trigger hair breaking. When the hair is dry you can then comb it. It is advised to use combs that have a circular or oval shape. You start combing your hair from the ends, gradually moving towards the hairline. This is a good way of combing, for it nicely detangles hair, reducing the number of hairs that break during combing.

If you already have some visible loss patches, you can consider using some baldness treatment drugs like finasteride and Rogaine. The best move to make will be to first consult your doctor, so he can carry out a diagnosis and determine the cause of loss. This is very helpful in the fight against baldness for once you have identified the cause of your loss you can then prepare to remove the problem causer and treat your hair to grow again.

When treating your hair for baldness it will be ideal to trim. Trimming your hair has some of the following advantages; it creates room for new growth. It helps remove telogen hairs, allowing new growth. It allows you easier access to the scalp as compared to when you have lots of hair. It will also reduce hair tangling which contributes heavily to increased hair shedding.

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