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undertake artificial canvass

Basis of emperor hillock custom image, undertake artificial canvass to car instantly. In crate of this car container bear the weight of actually goods and declare goods complete conform to. But when the member that should close checks car background, discover the suspicion niche in image,exterior wood panel over cement board sheathing  true by " build go to " gave a ligneous interlining.

Original, in the compressed space between the trailer of this crate car and container crate, was spread to go up by illegal element thin board, surround the space, control each " build go to " hollow " dark style " .

The member that close takes out the planks in Nelspruit sale article that hides in dark style. The altogether inside two dark style is putting 3 large travelling bag. Every gripesack was placed again what lap with newspaper and glue paper is cylindrical object, add up to 21 packets.

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