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The floor maintains floor of doohickey wood maintains measure

The product of wooden floor has a lot of, anticorrosive wood floor how? China floor brings the relevant knowledge of anticorrosive wood floor for everybody below, the hope understands anticorrosive wood floor to be helped somewhat to everybody! Will quickly understand together fall!

What is anticorrosive wood floor?

Anticorrosive wood floor, be name of the finished product after normally lumber is machined through anticorrosive processing, normally wood floor is in the function that after passing anticorrosive processing, makes greatly progress, reached the anticorrosive, mouldproof, moth-proofing, action that defends termite. Floor of anticorrosive nowadays wood is field uses one of the most extensive wood.

The characteristic of anticorrosive wood floor

1, anticorrosive wood is anticorrosive, mouldproof, moth-proofing, prevent termite to invade.

2, ascensive lumber stability, anticorrosive wood is more principal to the maintenance of field and ligneous construction.

3, anticorrosive Mu Yi reachs chromatically at coating, the basis plans to request, can reach the action of beautiful Huan of United States annulus.

4, can satisfactory all sorts of program requests, easily all sorts of the anticorrosive wood of horticultural landscape high-quality goods is made

5, anticorrosive wood feels wet soil or kiss water action particularly apparent, satisfactory field applies 15-50 in all sorts of climate environments year above is changeless.
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