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the state-owned assets of this piece

enterprises can not only use the "competition" to obtain their share and industry status, "cooperation" can also be synchronized towards the industry peak. As an investor in Chenming Paper, I have been very concerned about Chen Ming's corporate governance issues. Chen brothers guarding Chenming, from the governance point of view, of course,decking synthetic wood manufacturers
is not a good thing. If Chenming is a pure private company, perhaps we can understand that the key issue is that Shouguang City State-owned Assets Administration has been the largest shareholder of Chenming Paper, which means that it is a "state-owned" enterprise. A state-owned enterprise is controlled by a family,wood plastic composite horse fence
this is really a strange phenomenon, which of course is not reassuring - on the state-owned assets of this piece of fat, a group of guarding its own family, in the opaque and supervision is not in place , Is it really very self-discipline? Chen Mingxiang was the son of Mr. Chen Hongxing, the chairman of the board, and Mr. Chen Hongshun, the chairman of the board of directors of Chen Hongguo, was the cousin of Chen Hongguo, who was the chairman of the board.composite decking cost for pool decking

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