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Brand awareness and reputation has also been steadily improved, (BEWIN) floor to the vast number of consumers to eat a product quality reassurance. (BEWIN) floor in a number of strong brands in one fell swoop, won the "National Olympic Sports Center dedicated floor," the highest honor, not only shows (BEWIN) floor products in the comprehensive advantages,
more importantly, reflects the Wuhan Oasis Wood Industry Co., Ltd. far-reaching development strategy vision. The "national Mianjian products" is the highest level of honor in China, is the national government departments with the credibility of the government to consumers to make the most powerful product quality commitment and guarantee.
(BEWIN) sports floor floor flooring access to "national Mianjian products" title, which means three years (exemption validity period), whether in the field of production or circulation, can be exempt from national, provincial, municipal and county levels at all levels of government departments To carry out the quality supervision and inspection.
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