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What is plastic wood flooring?

Wood-plastic composite sheet is a kind of wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer materials (PE plastic) and processing aids, etc., and then mixed by the mold equipment heating extrusion molding system Into the high-tech green materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, can replace wood and plastic new environmentally friendly high-tech materials, the English Wood Plastic Composites abbreviated as WPC.
Plastic wood material is a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving composite materials, wood alternatives. Can be used for landscape, interior and exterior decoration, floor, guardrail, flower pond, pavilion, etc.!
Plastic wood flooring will become the trend of the future trend, for consumers, plastic wood flooring is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly products, not only can be a good control of harmful emissions, but also to do the role of waterproof and moisture on the ground.
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