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place of carpentry

On October 26, take the lead by place of carpentry of courtyard of Chinese forest division assume " 935 " national emphasis research and development plans " lumber industry is energy-saving fall bad news and manufacturing safety control a technology " the project is started can hold in Beijing, composite timber beams Varmland the conference develops a center to sponsor by Chinese country technology.

Chinese country technology develops central Dong Wen's researcher to attend the meeting, explained ministries of pair of science and technology about " 935 " the diy plastic wall cladding organization of project of plan of national emphasis research and development carries out means of pattern of method, management, assessment, significant gain to breed,

produce learn to grind to innovate online deck design Jordan in coordination the mechanism, put forward, the characteristic that project group wants to be aimed at task of different research and development and rule undertake entire chain innovation is designed, unifinication organization is carried out; Want an end specific, attrib border clarity, cycle is specific; decorative outdoor panels Want what aggrandizement project, talent and base build to plan as a whole.

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