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How to properly pave the wood floor?

1, the floor should be laid in the late construction, not cross construction. After laying should be polished and painted as soon as possible. So as not to stain the floor or make the damp deformation.

2, the floor should be unpacked before laying the laying of the site 1 to 2 days, to adapt to the environment, so as not to shrink after the laying deformation.

3, laying should be good moisture control measures, especially the bottom of the more humid occasions. Moisture measures are covered with moisture-proof paint, shop moisture-proof film, the use of bedding Po and so on.

4, keel should be flat and firm, should not use cement reinforcement, preferably with expansion bolts, the United States and other fixed nails.

5, keel should be used to lapail strong larch, Liu and other wood. The moisture content of the keel or wool floor shall be close to the moisture content of the floor. Keel spacing should not be too large, generally not more than 30 cm. Both ends of the floor should be implemented on the keel, not empty, and each keel must nail nails. Do not use water-based glue.

6, the floor should not be too tight shop, should be enough to stretch around the expansion joints (0.5 ~ 1.2 cm), and should not be ultra-wide laying, in case of wider occasions should be separated from the cut, and then pressure copper transition.

7, floor and hall, bathroom, kitchen and other stone ground junction should be a thorough isolation of moisture-proof measures.

8, floor color is inevitable, such as the color requirements are higher, can be pre-sorted, take a gradual transition method to reduce the sense of visual sense of mutation.

9, the use of bogey water rinse, to avoid prolonged sun, air conditioning straight straight blow, the window to prevent the rain forest, to avoid hard objects hit friction. To protect the floor, wax can be painted on the paint (from the perspective of the protection of the floor, waxing better than the paint).

In addition to the wooden floor to do the paving work, in the use of the floor, we have to keep the wood floor clean and dry in order to extend the life of the floor.

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