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Several major categories of building decoration materials

<p>There are many types of flooring available in the market, including solid wood flooring, composite flooring, solid wood flooring and cork flooring.<a href="">waterproof outdoor fence</a> In the home decoration, the choice of wood  flooring than the choice of enhanced laminate flooring better reflect the "home" feeling, especially the bedroom floor to wood is appropriate. Solid wood flooring is more commonly used in home decoration. Advantages: pure wood products, material temperature, Jiaogan good, true nature. Smooth surface coating uniform, size, choice,maintenance convenience. Disadvantages: fine wood flooring dry, damp easy to shrink, resulting in Alice deformation phenomenon,[url= ]Hollow WPC floor[/url] the installation is too much trouble, the price is higher.</p>

<p>Strengthen the floor This type of floor for imported products, advantages: a wide range of uses, color varieties, hard texture, no deformation, fire, wear, maintenance is simple, easy to construct.[url= ]Anticorrosive WPC flooring[/url] Disadvantages: material of the cold, foot feeling hard. Lobby, hospitality area, dining area more suitable for loaded laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring solid wood flooring both beautiful natural, comfortable feet, good insulation properties of the strengths; and to overcome the solid wood floor due to monomer contraction, easy to Qizhao cracks.<a href="">Outdoor WPC floor</a> In addition, solid wood flooring installation is simple, under normal circumstances do not have to play the keel.</p>

<p>Cork flooring is gradually tired of strengthening the floor of the cheap, solid wood flooring monotonous,[url= ]Fire resistant WPC wall panel[/url] known as the "pyramid tip consumption" of the cork flooring, as decoration in a good choice. Cork is grown in the Mediterranean coast of the oak, and cork products is the raw material of these oak bark. Compared with solid wood flooring,<a href="">Balcony flooring decoration materials</a> cork flooring is more environmentally friendly, its moisture resistance will be better, and will not rot, after a strict pavement, it can even shop in the bathroom.</p>

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