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Outdoor furniture cleaning should pay attention to what?

<p>Outdoor furniture cleaning should pay attention to what? Shade furniture: tarpaulin timely removal of water, in case of wind and rain in time to put away. For shade furniture, the basic are placed in the outdoor or balcony, often to withstand wind and rain.</p>

<p> Over time will lead to furniture damp, deformation, fade. In order to maintain a long aesthetic and practical degree of furniture, which requires us to use a reasonable and correct method of maintenance. For the sun with the outdoor furniture, the use of iron pipe aluminum tube support, the larger span bracket. In our installation should be gently, to avoid excessive force and damage. Also note that, although the shade furniture, but not suitable for rain. In heavy rain, the need to put away and timely removal of tarp on the water. </p>

<p>Wooden furniture: refused to &quot;metal parts&quot; loosening, pay attention to tighten. Furniture on the current outdoor market in Hangzhou, the wooden furniture is still the first choice for most families. Many of the wooden furniture, the components are still connected to the use of metal fittings to connect, but this part is easy to rust and easy to fall off. So in use, should be flat, to avoid the wind and sun. When the screw part is loose, it should be tightened in time. </p>

<p>Rattan furniture: anti-rattan break, do not let sharp cigarette butts and other exposed rattan. Rattan furniture, the most important feature is elegant, for some often hot weather in the region, is not suitable for use of this furniture. High temperature exposure will not only damage the furniture, but also reduce the service life of furniture. We can every six months or so, with a dedicated rattan furniture cleaning agents on the furniture.</p>

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