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Improve the quality of our flooring products

The United States a few years ago the real estate growth is 6 points, more than economic growth, but now the US real estate decline is obvious. Sales decline is obvious. I talk about these two points that a situation, the current laminate flooring market demand growth slowed, whether foreign or domestic, forcing our production enterprises to enhance our competitiveness, enhance the competitiveness of the main direction, or to improve our Product quality and service quality.
This year, the Central Committee of the State Council in the macro-control there is an important point is to adjust the export product structure, high energy consumption, high pollution, resource-based products to reduce support and even restrictions. For the country, is very necessary. Because now we have a trillion of foreign exchange reserves, our foreign trade surplus, are growing. This is our situation in the WTO system, the globalized world market, in public criticism of the situation.
7, 8 countries together and China to negotiate, we are very high pressure, the state should take measures, the State Council 132, 138 talks, decided to adjust the export product structure. Ministry of Commerce announced on the 82th announcement, prohibiting processing trade in more than 800 tax items in 256 forest industry tax head, a large policy point to the forest industry.
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