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Reduce the cost of laminate flooring

In order to further reduce the cost of laminate flooring to achieve the purpose of reducing the substrate density, wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide to reduce means such as obsolete, and now some manufacturers have replaced formaldehyde glue trimeric clear plastic, sugar substitute Formaldehyde glue, these laminate flooring not only do not wear, and the layers and layers are not a bonding force, waterproof, anti-deformation ability to become weak, as well as printed with ordinary ink floor color,
The result of the floor a few months on the discoloration, adhesive glue with a white latex instead of the D3 glue, the degree of adhesion decline, with a single layer of alternative double-layer, with sand added to the substrate to increase the substrate weight "," Strength "gives a feeling of high hardness. You have to ask how low the price of laminate flooring, depending on how high manufacturing methods, in short, no matter how low the price to sell, businesses also maintain adequate profits, and the lower the price of laminate flooring, the higher the profit margin.
"Solid wood flooring prices have been relatively high, but now the price much more than we originally imagined." A pair of young unmarried couples from the floor after the store out, it is discouraged to say. Faced with changes in the market, in the Sun City and Yueyang Street, each with a floor dealership Mr. Feng has been depressed in recent days.
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