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The Problems in the Development of

<p>In recent years, people pay more attention to the recycling of waste plastics, while the growing shortage of timber resources.<a href="">popular outdoor flooring</a> With wood flour or other natural plant fiber to fill plastic recycling materials, made of special equipment, plastic-wood materials and products, both because of its dual characteristics of plastic and wood in recent years, cut a striking figure, and gradually become the world's attention and development Hot spots.[url= ]Environmentally friendly WPC wall panel[/url] But in our country, after several years of development, the production and application of plastic-wood materials is not optimistic, on the one hand the industrialization of research results difficult, on the other hand, wood-plastic material production enterprises sales are sluggish.</p>

<p>Why is the wood-plastic material of this potential new environmentally friendly materials will appear this unfavorable situation? On the one hand, the processing of plastic-wood materials than ordinary plastic products difficult,[url= ]Color Stable Balcony Flooring[/url] demanding. Most of the current domestic technology from the digestion of foreign technical information, absorption, although achieved some success, but there are many industrial applications to do the work. While some manufacturers only see the future of plastic and wood,<a href="">wood plastic fence</a> while ignoring other problems.</p>

<p>Processing equipment, process technology and so can not meet the requirements, product grades do not increase; a small number of enterprises to produce molded wood-plastic packaging materials,<a href="">moisture outdoor flooring</a> due to the small amount of wood filling, high cost, lack of market competitiveness. Therefore, with the development of application fields, how to further improve the performance of plastic-wood materials has become the focus of scientific research personnel,[url= ]DIY deck composite[/url] plastic wood materials production process improvement, special equipment development and additive selection, also need to further strengthen research.</p>

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