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How to wax the solid wood floor

<p>In the purchase of the floor, many friends will give priority to solid wood flooring, but we often worry about how the waxing of solid wood flooring, so Xiao Bian finishing the relevant information, today for everyone a brief introduction, we want to help.</p>

<p> How to wax the solid wood floor. How to wax? 1, remove the floor surface, the surface of the floor for some glue, paint points, etc. to remove. 2, cleaning the floor surface, you can use electric mop to sterilization cleaning. 3, start waxing, pay attention to the floor surface evenly applied. Matters needing attention, waxing should pay attention to the choice of wax, floor wax used improperly, it is easy to cause the floor surface paint color reduction, affect the beauty. </p>

<p>Therefore, solid wood flooring is more suitable for solid wax, to prevent moisture, dust invasion, waxing, do not wax directly down on the floor, should be evenly coated, otherwise there will be wax marks, will affect the floor of the beauty. There are some details, we should also note that the best waxing in sunny days, can ensure good results. To prevent detergent buildup in the groove, soak the detergent wipes to try to wring. Floor wax remover will cause the floor to produce marks stains and bulging, absolutely can not be used. Wipe dry with a wipe. Wipe with a wringing cloth that has been squeezed firmly. The floor surface, especially the groove part, must wipe carefully, do not leave the detergent.</p>

<p> Such as residual detergent and water, will cause the surface to whiten and bulge. All should be noted that after full drying: If not fully dried, the floor wax will not be closely attached to the floor surface, affecting the appearance, resulting in whitening phenomenon. Play at least three times, each time with a non-fluffed cloth or wax to friction floor wax oil to penetrate the wood. To get the shiny consequences, each play once the wax must be lightly polished with a soft cloth. Each playing again, to be dry, with very fine sandpaper polished appearance, rub clean, call the second time.</p>

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