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Strengthen the quality of composite wood floor is good or bad

Composite wood flooring substrate is used to crush the wood, in the high-temperature cooking to eliminate all kinds of mold, the addition of formaldehyde glue from repression. Standard product color is the color of the wood itself (white, yellow, brown), due to laminate flooring will release formaldehyde to the air, the air quality hazards, many consumers are looking for a healthy, green products, Some businesses have found that many consumers in the green and green color between the difference is not very clear.
So in the substrate plate by adding green pigment, the substrate dyed green, external publicity, green substrate is in the production process by adding a green factor or promote green products in the water, reducing the release of formaldehyde on the substrate than the true color . In fact, green and non-green in the water, formaldehyde release, environmental protection, there is no relationship, for a time, every household engaged in green, like laminate flooring environmental protection work has made considerable progress, those green substrate Consumers, not to become 100% of the victims.
Strengthen the quality of composite wood flooring, the key in the choice of raw materials and matching, as well as product processing accuracy, the import plate and the domestic plate in the size of the no difference between the import plate and the domestic production of the same technical requirements according to the above-mentioned no Different manufacturers, the size of the floor, such as: 1290 * 195 * 8 or 1380 * 194 * 8 and other long-size plate, the domestic production of the manufacturers of the size of the small, To take the opportunity to spread rumors, "import plate is a long specification, domestic plate is a short size." .
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