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Open up new areas of wood flooring

Innovation is the vitality of enterprises, many enterprises in the tile industry every year to invest millions, tens of millions of costs for product development. Flooring industry really take the money to do almost no innovation, are simple imitation and improvement. Standing in the industry to see the height of the ceramic tile industry, it is difficult to subdivide the tile. Because of its various innovations and improvements, this product is enriched, such as tiles will use some of the advanced firing technology and printing technology.
And our floor to strengthen the innovation can only be regarded as improvement - technical improvements, can not be called innovation. Solid wood flooring almost five years, six years without much progress. From the industry as a whole, the innovative capacity of wood flooring is not enough, can not get a Chinese-made products sold to the world, at least compared with tiles, flooring industry also appears to be weak.
When we put these low value-added products to foreign countries, will gradually become China-made are low-end products. China's flooring industry in the boring environment, the lack of innovation and independent intellectual property rights and intellectual property research and development of the situation, there is a new force is doing quietly in the effort. They not only engage in product innovation and is one after another, innovation is full of potential.
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