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Buy floor attention to the problem

First, the formal floor of the enterprise product packaging are printed or affixed with a clear Chinese signs, such as the production plant name, site, the implementation of standards, product names, specifications, timber name, grade, batch number and so on; Of the relevant information can be identified as low-grade floor or three non-composite floor, buried "toxic bomb" is more likely. For the packaging is all the more careful in English, there may be small manufacturers to deceive consumers, "smoke bomb."
Second, consumers can sign to the floor before the sales staff to a small sample of home after soaking in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, smell the smell of stimulation. Good laminate flooring due to lower formaldehyde emission, generally do not smell pungent odor. Once smell the more irritating smell, and even the eyes feel uncomfortable, the basic can be found that the compound floor of formaldehyde.
Solid wood flooring in the common, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring three categories of flooring, the most environmentally friendly flooring is solid wood flooring. This is mainly due to solid wood flooring in the production process, from the bottom to the surface are made of a raw material processing, reducing the use of dip glue, it reduces the formaldehyde content. Although solid wood flooring for the most environmentally friendly flooring, but because of its price much more expensive than laminate flooring, are often not accepted by the public consumers.
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