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RIGHT BEFORE LEAPING INTO HIS bare-chested, turbocharged dance number for a worldwide audience of over a billion Moncler Women Coats On Sale at last month's Oscars, Michael Flatley felt in controlnlike, he observed, some Hollywood Moncler Women Vests Sale hotshots. "Backstage a lot of big stars seemed nervous," he says. "Looking in the mirror 100 times, going over their lines. I was, like, 'Come on, out of my way; it's my turn.' "

As Flatley's explosive performance proved, he's anything but shy Cheap Moncler Women Jackets about barreling into the big time. The Irish-American dynamo is the creator, choreographer and star of Lord of the Dance, the hugely successful 40-member Irish dance show now on a 20-city American tour. A lean 5'9" and 147 lbs., Cheap Moncler Men Coats Flatley, 38, has transformed the traditionally rigid Irish jig into a free-form, mass-market phenomenon through his cocky swagger and adrenalized hoofing. His star power has helped Lord gross some $60 million on its current tour, with video and CD sales adding another $100 million. "What we do transcends dance," says Flatley. "It's all about energy. We're making people feel things."

But Flatley's brashness leaves some people feeling miffed. Flatley dreamed up Lord after parting ways with River-dance, an 85-member Gaelic dance show that he helped Moncler Men Vests create and that featured him as lead dancer for six months in 1995. He says he left after producers refused to grant him artistic control of his dances, then sued them in 1996 for 2 percent of the show's revenues, or about $5 million (the suit has yet to Moncler Men Jackets Sale go to trial).

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