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Wheeler To Make At Least One More Start In Minors - RealGM Wiretap
Zack Wheeler is certain to make at least one more start for Triple-A Las Vegas before the Mets promote him to the major leagues.

There was speculation that the Mets might have promoted Wheeler to start against the Marlins this past Saturday Travis Hamonic Islanders Jersey , but with the Super-2 arbitration cutoff so close, the organization rightfully wasn't going to chance bringing up the right-hander and then potentially watch him become arbitration eligible after the 2015 season for failure to keep him in the minors a few additional days.

Mattingly Downplays Expectations Surrounding Dodgers - RealGM Wiretap

The Dodgers have baseball's highest payroll and enter spring training with high expectations.

"All these expectations are just noise to me and noise to our club," Don Mattingly said. "We should win the World Series and this and that. That's all fine. That's all good, but my job is to prepare this team to play and to cut out the noise."

Stuck in bankruptcy, the Dodgers opened last season 12th in the majors with a payroll of $94.7 million.

Through trades and signings, Los Angeles now has a payroll north of $200 million.

"I expect to win. I expected to win last year, I expected us to win the year before, honestly," Mattingly said. "I just believe that you can do anything if things work out. Granted, this year I have some more leeway."

锘? Water sports: they're fun to watch Ryan Strome Islanders Jersey , exciting to participate in, and they've been enjoyed for ages! We've been trying to dominate water since the time we stood up as humanoids. We try to take air beneath the surface, we build crafts to skim across the surface, and we use the power of its resistance to build strength in our bodies.

Water sets the stage for some of the most unique, and yet some of the most common events in the world. Covering 75% of our Earth's surface, and making up over 90% of our bodies, it doesn't make you wonder why water has played such a huge role in our personal and professional lives. Let's dive in!


Swimming is the most popular of the water sports because it is easily accessible and inexpensive. In several of the earliest stories of classical literature, it's portrayed as a symbol of heroism and religion. The first known documentation of the various swimming methods is Nicolas Wynman's Dialogue Concerning the Art of Swimming, originally published in 1538. (Historians are still trying to figure out who he was having that dialogue with.)

With the development of swimming pools as we know them today, it became easier and safer for average people all over the world to learn to swim and master it. Swimming was made an Olympic event for the first time in 1896. The most publicized swimming events are the insanely ambitious attempts at swimming across the English Channel. It is a feat that requires strength Nikolay Kulemin Islanders Jersey , endurance - for both the distance and the notoriously frigid waters - and a lot of determination and courage.

The first man ever to swim across the English Channel was Matthew Webb of England who did so in 1875. In 1926, Gertrude Ederle from the United States became the first woman to cross the channel. From speed, to endurance, to form - the different styles of swimming are continuously evolving.


Snorkeling is a very thrilling water sport that involves viewing exotic fish and aquamarine life. It's like jumping into a painting where the views can range from extreme tranquility to paralyzing fright. Humans are definitely land mammals, and snorkeling is how we can enter a world that was not made for us. Long ago, snorkels were made out of hollow reeds.

After swimming, snorkeling is the next oldest water sport. There is a reference to it made by Pliny the Elder in first century Rome. Leonardo Da Vinci, the world-renowned painter and lesser-known inventor, created a more modern snorkel at the command of the Venetian senat. Da Vinci's snorkel was a tube attached to leather helmets used by divers. Most agreed that his invention was indeed better than a reed. Modern day snorkels are J shaped tubes, usually made of rubber Nick Leddy Islanders Jersey , that open at one end and attach to a mouthpiece at the other end. The average length of the tube is 2 ft (61cm).


Surfing is reported to have first appeared NOT in Hawaii as many people mistakenly believe. Archaeology indicates that Peruvians (people from Peru) were "hanging ten" as early as 200B.C.E. Their boats were made from reeds, and even today, the local fisherman can be seen riding their "little reed horses."

Surfing really gained popularity in America, mostly in California, in the 1920s. By the 1960s, it was a highly popular sport among young people. When surfing first emerged as a water sport, the best surfers were long, handcrafted wooden boards. They were heavy and cumbersome to maneuver on the water.

Modern surfboards are made of lighter synthetic materials, and they're shaped in different aerodynamic fashions that allow more maneuverability and movement on the waves than was originally possible. International Surfing Championships are held all over the world including Australia, California Mikhail Grabovski Islanders Jersey , and of course - Hawaii.

Water Polo:

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