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Carefully choose building materials flooring

In recent years, consumers in the purchase of building materials on the composition of goods, performance, with new requirements. That is, whether raw materials for solid wood, the composition is healthy and environmental protection, efficacy is antibacterial efficacy has become the consumer to buy building materials standards.
However, the relevant departments to remind consumers: As a lot of "health" and "environmental protection" and other promotional terms are the title of their own business letters, select the building materials must be carefully identified. Hohhot Industrial and Commercial Bureau of professional market management branch recently in the public-dimensional home market hospital seized with the product for misleading false propaganda behavior.
The investigation, the parties Wang is a public-dimensional home market operators, in May 2006 from Guangdong Province, the purchase of some wooden flooring, these wooden floor packaging marked "health experts", "antibacterial products series", etc. , "Wang" speak these propaganda terms and no corresponding source and the authority of the department identified, "experts" and "health" and "anti-bacterial" and other promotional terms, but the seal of their own business title. According to the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China," the provisions of Article XIV, Hohhot Trade and Industry Bureau of the professional market management branch of the Wang made the order to stop illegal business practices and fines.
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