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Jilin forest industry reform is of great significance

In addition, the state-owned forest area economic structure of a single, low level of industrialization, relying on "big wood" financial situation is not completely changed, but also bear a heavy social burden.
"The formation of such a deep-seated reasons for the existence of institutional and institutional issues." Lei Jiafu said that the state-owned forest areas, regardless of social enterprises, some serious social phenomenon, the Secretary for forestry enterprises a hat three: one On behalf of the state management, management and protection, the use of forest resources, the second on behalf of the local government to manage the community, but also the legal representative of enterprises to solve tens of thousands of people eat.
"This situation must be reformed, otherwise the realization of Inner Mongolia, northeast forest economy sustainable development will become a empty talk, and the fundamental reform of the way out in the reform." Lei Jiafu stressed. Jilin forestry reform program can be found, there are three crucial, one is the separation of government and enterprises, forestry enterprises will be the forest resources management authority to the forestry administrative department is responsible for transforming into a real "enterprise"; The state ownership of forest resources and business management of forestry resources separated; third is to break the forest industry enterprises "state-owned" unified system of the world, through the formation of various forms of ownership of workers coexist economic structure.
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