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Flooring weekend to provide direct sales warehouse

Zhejiang Oulin floor for the decoration of households in Zhejiang to provide direct marketing services, in addition to the factory floor factory direct sales activities, the Oulin floor Hangzhou became the first direct sales in the form of floor distributors. Right now, when the decoration peak, but the floor of the exhibition hall samples and home products "goods not version" of the contradiction is more prominent, some dealers before the exhibition hall samples selected, and the actual product itself is very different.
According to the person in charge of the company, in the Olin floor warehouse, which consumers choose the floor, the staff will help consumers to carry out any random packet inspection. Like buying clothes, not satisfied can be selected, selected, the warehouse base for consumers on the spot inspection, either on the spot to buy, you can also free store goods. And after-sales service and the exhibition hall is exactly the same.
Specific activities for this Saturday and Sunday two days, would like to participate in the activities of the decoration can be directly to the Olin good good floor, new, new era of three stores, optimistic about the sample car sent to the Olin floor warehouse.
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