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The enhanced treatment of the floor

Strengthen the laminate flooring is the enhanced treatment of the floor, in the purchase should pay attention to its formaldehyde emission, in general, the thickness of the thin laminate flooring low formaldehyde content, but also can not say that the quality of the floor like thin. There are also some other professional criteria, such as the number of wear-resistant, swelling and so on.
However, Ms. Niu explained that these professional evaluation standards are not consumers can understand and grasp, and consumers choose to strengthen laminate flooring, still depends on the floor convex groove bite is tight, splicing is smooth, with no gaps, because these are Directly related to the life of the floor.
Solid wood flooring is a solemn and noble symbol of solid wood flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring, laminate flooring through high temperature and high pressure treatment, geothermal heating is a better choice. What choice of brand, what the floor, still according to the consumer's own preferences and consumption level to decide.
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